Total Cow: One Butcher, One Burger!

Working with only one English class-leading Butcher who supplies a bespoke blend of dry aged cuts , Total Cow served amazing burgers at last year’s festival!

Quickly establishing themselves as part of the fabric of Hertfordshire food culture, Total Cow strive to produce the highest quality product possible.  And we reckon they suceed!

“We are truly passionate about our meat and we know you will be too!”

Ques Idea Mexican Kitchen

Jo created herMexican kitchen in 2017 and has been wowing our tastebuds at every Beer & Fizz Festival since! In a nutshell (or perhaps an avocado skin?), it all sprung from her passion for authentic Mexican food (Strictly MexMex flavours …no Tex Mex here!) along with a longstanding love affair with cheese. She spent 15 years living in Mexico, and learned about, cooked and ate A LOT of Mexican food. So when you eat with Ques Idea…you get the real deal!

“We recreate traditional Mexican flavours with fresh ingredients, to bring scrummy street food quesadillas, tacos and snacks, straight from our kitchen to you! Our food is a modern take on the traditional Mexican eating experience, but always based on authentic recipes . All our food is homemade, fresh from scratch. We buy our 100% corn and gluten free tortillas, as well as our authentic herbs and chillies from a London based Mexican supplier. We don’t allow preservatives, MSG or any other rubbish to creep into our food. We choose our suppliers carefully and only buy quality meat poultry and vegetables. We aim to use plastic as little as possible, so all our food trays and containers are 100% compostable or recyclable.

Mungo’s Vegan Kitchen

Mungo’s Kitchen motto is ‘Love Food – Love Life’. This is because they love delicious food without any of the bad bits, food that makes us feel good, and food that doesn’t take any lives. Mungo’s food is healthy, plant based, organic and Eco-friendly.

“We don’t use any additives in our food, such as: preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings and enhancers – all of which have been shown to contribute to hyperactivity in pre-school children, and concentration difficulties in adults. Our entire menu is gluten-free and a gluten-free diet can provide many health benefits, especially for those with coeliac disease.”

Ty’s Kitchen – Food for the Soul

Ty is originally from the West Midlands but has lived in in St Albans for the past eight years, and has always had a passion for food – which has led to running a home based kitchen and bringing ‘feel good food’ to the people of St. Albans!

“Our goal at Ty’s Kitchen is to bring the people of St. Albans food that is good for the soul. We locally source all of our ingredients and try our best to support other small businesses within the city. You’ll probably see me at St. Albans market and at some of the upcoming food festivals, so be sure to pop over and say hi!

St Saviours 120

St Albans Beer & Fizz Festival.

St Saviour’s Church
25 Sandpit Lane
St Albans AL1 4DF

Ask for Clive - St Albans Beer Festival 2022